On the Manage TouchPoints page, you will be able to create new or update existing TouchPoint forms for users to record data.
To create a new TouchPoint: 

  1. On the navigation bar, click Site Administration.
  2. Select Mange TouchPoints.
  3. Click New TouchPoint at the top of the page.
  4. Enter a name for your TouchPoint.
  5. Select and set any optional settings:
  • Set any tags and/or identifiers that you wish to use.
  • Check the box if you wish to enable section quick links on each page.
  • Check the box if you wish to enable question numbering.
  • Select any completion restrictions you wish to impose in the section below. 
  • Set a limit on how many days after a TouchPoint has been recorded that it can be updated. 
  • Set a limit on how many days a TouchPoint can be pre or post dated. 

6. Choose if the date taken box should be blank by default.
7. Choose if the TouchPoint can be recorded on behalf of another user.
8. Choose if the TouchPoint can be saved as a draft.
9. Choose if the TouchPoint should allow the user to save and record a similar TouchPoint.
10. Choose if the TouchPoint will allow fund and asset disbursement.

  • If yes, select your voucher report settings.

11. If this TouchPoint is a sub-form, select the parent form from the drop-down.

  • Optional: If yes, choose if you want to lock the responses. 

12.Optional: If you wish to use approval functionality, set that here.
13. Save.

Once the TouchPoint has been saved, you can begin building the questions and setting the security questions. 

For more information on creating a TouchPoint, click here.

Please contact Customer Support if you need more information or additional assistance.

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