How should I determine a staff member's user role in ETO?


ETO utilizes user roles to restrict user access to components within the application. Each unique login is assigned one of nine customizable levels of access, which can be customized to allow certain users access to programs and features that other users should not have access to. Role levels typically range from the System Administrator, who manages all the structural elements of the data (often as many as 100 features), to Program Managers who have access to individual and aggregate staff and client information (typically 20-30 features), to end-users who have the narrowest needs (typically 10-15 features).

  • Enterprise Manager - Manages sites across the web address/URL.
  • Site Manager - Can make changes to the site with wizards and management features.
  • Department Head - Can run queries on site-wide data.
  • Program Manager - Can supervise staff work through ETO using the multiple management features below Administration on the navigation bar.
  • Staff - Enter data on demographics, attributes, processes, assessments, Point of Service elements, etc.
  • Funder/Reports Only - Can run reports only, no data entry.
  • Intake - View demographics and enter reliable contacts only.
  • Survey Taker - Take a survey and/or self-assessment.
  • Entity Self Service - Entity self-assessment and update own attributes.

Requests for changes to access levels and password resets are funneled back to the client’s local site administrator. Social Solution Customer Support will provide support to the local administrator as needed to understand the implications of these changes.

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