What is it?

The Apricot Easy Check-In tool allows you to print unique QR codes that can act as participant IDs. These codes can be scanned to efficiently check participants in and out of class or event where you are tracking attendance. Once you've completed set-up, you can print QR codes, provide them to your clients/students/attendees, and scan them once for arrival, then again for departure.

Set-Up: Form Configuration

  1. Create a Tier 1 Participant form with a required name field if you don't already have one. An existing Tier 1 form can be used.
  2. Create a Tier 2 of the form in the previous step. This form should be an Attendance or Participation form.


Once you've created your Tier 2 Attendance or Participation form, you'll need to add the "Check-in" field from the category "Special Fields," then publish your form.
Once you've completed these above steps, you are ready to print QR Codes for Participants.

Print QR Codes

 QR Codes are printed to be scanned when the time has come to check participants in and out of class. QR Codes can be printed one of two ways: from a profile record search, or from a favorites list.

Print from Participant/Client Profile Record search

Printing QR codes from your Participant/Client Profile search can be done in 2 steps:

  1. Narrow down your search results to those Participants for whom you would like to print QR Codes.
  2. Click the “Print QR Code” button on the right.

Print from Favorites List

Printing QR codes from your Favorites Lists can be done in 2 steps:

  1. Select your desired Favorites List from your Favorites List drop-down
  2. Once you've chosen your desired Favorites List, click on "Print QR Codes"

Print Participant Codes

Once the print button has been clicked, the designated records will be loaded in a new browser window.
From here, you can print the QR codes using the "print" button, near the top of the page, and make the codes available to be scanned.

Sign on to the Easy Check-In App.

Your printed QR codes can be scanned from the Easy Check-in App via https://checkin.etosoftware.com/. This can be done from a browser on your computer or mobile phone.
Note: Make sure to choose "Apricot" under the "Service Type" drop-down when using this site for Apricot.

Selecting Your Form

The above photo was taken from a desktop browser view of https://checkin.etosoftware.com/. The mobile view of this may vary.

Once you've successfully logged into https://checkin.etosoftware.com/ you'll be able to choose the program and form for which you'll be scanning QR codes.

  1. Choose the program associated with your intended check-in form (the form you've added the check-in field/module to in your database)
  2. Choose the form that contains your check-in field/module
  3. If you're on a laptop or mobile device that has a camera, you can use the camera icon/button to engage your camera and begin scanning codes

Check-In Attendance 

The above photo was taken from a mobile view of https://checkin.etosoftware.com/. The desktop view of this may vary.

Using your phone camera, computer camera or barcode scanner to scan each QR code. The first scan of a code will check in a participant. The Tier 2 record is created instantly.
Scanning a code a second time checks out a participant.
Important Note: If a participant is checked in but not checked out, the next time they are scanned to check in, this will count as their check-out scan for their previous attendance. Make sure to check out ALL participants who check in to avoid this.

Viewing Records Created

Records created by Easy Check-In can be accessed in the Participants' document folders, or a report can be built based on this data as well.

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