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Contacting the Apricot Support Team and Using the Help Center
Contacting the Apricot Support Team and Using the Help Center
How to use Apricot's help center
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Contacting the team

The Apricot Support team is available to answer any questions you have about Apricot or to help troubleshoot any problems you are experiencing. We are available weekdays 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Central. 

In addition to all of the methods detailed below, you can always reach the Apricot support team by sending an email to which will generate a support case for you automatically.

If you're looking for articles on specific topics related to working within Apricot, click here to check out our knowledge base.

  1. To access the Help Center while you are logged in to Apricot, click the "help center" link from the left navigation menu. A new window will open with access to the Help Center.

If it is your first time visiting the Help Center, you will be prompted to log in.

1. Click "Log in with Apricot" and the system will immediately create a user account for the Help Center using the email address and password you use to login to Apricot. ***Note: If you receive a sign on error, remove all capital letters from your username and try logging in again.


Apricot Support Portal

You will be taken to the Apricot Support Portal. Here you can access a variety of resources for Apricot.

  1. Search the Knowledge Base by topic-specific lists of contents using the links in the colored boxes.

  2. Create a Case. Submit a question to the Customer Care team or report a problem with the functionality of your Apricot. See below for more details.

  3. View Support Cases. Access any of the tickets or cases you have submitted to the Apricot Customer Care team. See below for more details.

  4. User Groups. Find and converse with other Apricot users at other organizations. See below for more details.

  5. Knowledge Base. Instructional documentation and step-by-step guides to using Apricot. See below for more details.

  6. Training. See a calendar of upcoming training events, register for a live webinar or watch a recorded training demo. See below for more details.

  7. Ideas. Submit an idea for an upgrade or enhancement to the Apricot product team. See below for more details.


Chat with us

Apricot includes built-in chat support on every page. Click the green icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the window to chat with us!

  1. Clicking this icon will open up the chat pop up

  2. Click "New conversation" to be connected with an Apricot support agent, during business hours (7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Central) we generally respond within a few minutes.

  3. You can also search our knowledge base for answers

  4.  Click "See previous" to view any conversations you've had with the Apricot support team.

Create a Case

Creating a case is how you can communicate problems with your Apricot to the Customer Care team.

1. Expand the drop down menu to the right of Case Reason and select the reason for your communication with the Customer Care team.

- Ask a question. Request additional information on a product feature or get clarification on instructions in the Knowledge Base.

- Report a defect. Use this reason when Apricot is not working the way it should, when you see an error message or when something that used to work is no longer functioning the way it should.

- Report a performance issue. Report when Apricot is slow or when reports stall instead of loading appropriately.

2. Every field marked with a red line is required and must be filled out to the best of your ability.

  1. Choose the Type of case you are creating first, this is the overall topic of your question

  2. Choose the Category, this is more specific (each Type has different Category options to choose from)

  3. Choose the PriorityLow: We suggest choosing this for questions that won't inhibit your organization's ability to work in any way (for example, a product suggestion).Medium: This is the default for all cases and most questions will fall into this priority level.High: We suggest choosing this when you run into an issue which needs a speedy response. For example, if you are approaching a reporting deadline and cannot figure something out. Additionally, for this example please let us know what that deadline is within the description of your case.Critical: We suggest using this when you run into system errors that prevent your organization completing critical work. Some example scenarios are that an Administrator cannot log into the system, none of the Standard Users can log into the system, you cannot view or create any tier 1 records, or any similarly urgent scenarios.

  4. When you type something into the Subject line, the system will search the Knowledge Base for articles that might address your questions.

  5. Description: this is a detailed description of the issue. When possible please provide the following:The full name of the form or report (if applicable) that you are working with The URL to an example record or report (if applicable) that you are working with (just copy/paste from the address bar of your browser)Reproduction steps to reproduce the error or issueAny other details that you think may help us narrow down the issueScreenshots are excellent tools (please make sure they include the address bar of the browser and not just an error message) but they won't be able to be added to the Case until after you do step 6

3. When you are finished, click save

You will be taken to a page showing how your case was logged in the system.


View Support Cases

To view the support cases you have submitted to the Apricot Customer Care team, click View Support Cases on the main portal. You can view the cases you yourself have submitted or any cases that have been submitted from your organization.

1. Expand the drop down menu to see All Cases or to filter down the cases you would like to view.

2. Find the case you would like to review. Click Edit to make changes to the case.

3. The Status column will tell you that the Customer Care team is working to resolve your case.

Support Case Best Practices, Tips, and Trick

  • Do not use the Comments feed or Comments section of your case to communicate with Tech Support agents. Reply to the email thread from your Tech Support agent to communicate with Tech Support agents. This ensures that your latest message to Tech Support is moved into the correct queue in order for Tech Support agents to find it and respond in a timely fashion. Using the Comments section of the case subverts this process and can result in Tech Support not seeing your message immediately.

  • If you have not heard from a Tech Support agent within one business day of opening a case, check your email's Spam, Junk and Clutter folders for email from the sender <>. When you find it, please add this sender to your Trusted Senders list or your Contacts. This will ensure that you receive responses from Tech Support agents in a timely fashion.


User Groups

The User Groups area of the customer portal is a place to connect with other users in other organizations who use Apricot.

1. Click Active Groups to see which groups you would like to join.

2. You can narrow the search results by typing into the search bar.

3. Once you have found a group you would like to join, click the Join button to become a member.

- Once you are a member of a group, you will be able to ask questions that can be answered by other users or answer questions posed by other users in your group.

* Note: In most cases, you can see the activity for a group and participate in the conversations without becoming a member, but you will need to be a member of a group to get updates on new group activity.


Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base holds all the instructional and step-by-step materials for using and configuring your Apricot database.

Use the Search bar to find articles related to the topic you need assistance with!

When your article is open, you will see pictures and step-by-step instructions.


Ideas for new product features or enhancements can be made in the Ideas tab.

1. Users can post new ideas to the board.

2. Users can promote ideas by clicking the promote button.

3. If you click one of the blue links, you can also make comments or additional suggestions for each idea.

Note: If you are experiencing a critical or emergency level issue outside normal business hours, please call 512-473-6301 to be connected with the on-call support member. Please note that the after hours line is for emergencies only; this includes inability to save any records, or inability to reach the apricot login page as a whole, to name a few.

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