Browser Compatibility
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All Legacy features as well as current features such as TouchPoints are fully supported in Internet Explorer 11 with these settings,

Currently, many features of ETO will work in other browsers with varying degrees of success. Social Solutions is taking on the large initiative of making ETO compatible with Chrome, FireFox, Edgium, IOS Safari, and IE 11. By the end of all our work, you will be able to complete any task that is a part of TouchPoints experience in any of the previously mentioned browsers.

Browser Neutral Pages as of 4/30/20 (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, IOS Safari, and IE 11)

  • View/Edit/Add Contact (Entities)

  • TouchPoints (Add / View / Edit)

  • Touchpoints (Manage)

  • Manage Attributes NEW (Entities)

  • Manage Demographics

  • Quick Search

  • Home Page/HTML Editor

  • Manage Feeder Tables

  • Manage Site Navigation

  • Add New Site

  • Delete Fakes

  • Batch Upload (Legacy)

  • Entities (OLD)

  • Referrals (Old) (Add Referral, Multiple Participant Referrals, View/Edit Referrals, View Pending Referrals, Print Referral)

  • To Do List (Calendar, Participant, Entities, General, All Periods (Today, Last 7 Days, etc.), All Scopes (Site, Enterprise, etc.))

  • Messages (Create Message, Read Messages, Send to One or More Staff Members, Send to Entire Program, Send A Marquee Message, Enterprise Messaging)

Mobile Compatibility

ETO is a browser-based software, its functionality is more dependent on the browser you use rather than the device. However, some portable computing and tablet technology will have varying degrees of success using ETO.

Essentially, any device capable of supporting a full version of an internet browser can run ETO.

  • Machines using either Microsoft Windows or Apple iOS can run ETO

  • Both iPads and Windows-based tablets can use ETO

  • Android and iOS smartphones are capable of running ETO, however, it is not recommended that you do so due to the smaller screen size.

  • There are some devices such as older tablets that cannot run full versions of web browsers, and therefore cannot run ETO


Historically, ETO software has been supported only in Internet Explorer (IE) on a computer with a valid version of Windows. The original code ETO was written in is not compatible with browsers other than IE. Our developers have been working very hard to rewrite a number of pages to allow our customers to use ETO on other browsers and on other operating systems, but it is a tremendous undertaking! Browser neutrality is something we strive for with each release and update to existing features.

We will keep this page up-to-date about what pages we currently support in which browsers. As information is available from our product team, this page will be updated. Please check back often!


Please note that some legacy features will never be supported in browsers other than IE, including:

  • Assessments (recording, editing, or managing)

  • Efforts/Points of Service (recording, editing, or managing)

  • Query Wizard (building, editing, running, or managing)

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