Steps to be followed:
This article will guide users through changing the preferences within Business Objects to the recommended settings for use with ETO Results. Please note that using other settings will affect your ability to create/view/edit ETO Results reports. 

  1. Access ETO Results by clicking on Reports in the site navigation bar.
  2. Select ETO Results.  Alternately, you can access ETO Results by clicking on the Reporting  Dashboard.
  3. Click on the arrow icon at the top right corner of this screen to expand the toolbar.
  4. Click on "Preferences."
  5. Within the "Web Intelligence" section set the following settings:

                     a. Select a default view format: Web (no downloading required)

                     b.Select a default creation/editing tool: Advanced (Java 2 required)

6. Click "OK" at the bottom right of this screen to save your settings.

Click here for additional information on ETO Results.

Please feel free to contact customer support if you need more information or additional assistance.

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