Objects in the Standard TouchPoint Universe NEW are added by a background process that syncs all TouchPoint questions prior to their appearance in the Standard TouchPoint Universe NEW.

Response Unique ID_Form ID: This is a concatenation of the individual Response Unique Identifier and the TouchPoint Form Identifier.

 Order Taken: Creates a numeric order of the responses in the order in which they were either taken or updated. This is a rank based on Date Taken and Response Unique Identifier and is returned per Subject, per TouchPoint. 

Amount of Change: The numerical difference between consecutive responses per subject for a specific TouchPoint question. 

Aggregated Value: The sum total of all values for a specific object. 

Number of Efforts Since Change: The total number of efforts that have elapsed since the last time a value changed for a specific object. 

Number of Days Since Enrollment: The total number of days elapsed since the subject was most recently enrolled. 

Aggregated Amount of Change: The difference between the most recent value and the first value. 

Days Since First Record: The total elapsed days between the date of the first record and today. 

Days Between Change: The total elapsed days between any two records in the order they were taken. Most Recent 

Most Recent: response per subject, per TouchPoint based on order taken. 

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