The following steps will guide you in setting up a scheduled report.

  1. Open the reporting dashboard in Chrome.
  • To do this, open ETO in Internet Explorer as usual.
  • Click on the Reporting Dashboard tab.
  • This will open a new tab in IE for the SAP Business Objects.
  • Copy the URL from this tab into Chrome to open your reporting dashboard in the new web browser.

2. Navigate to the report you want to schedule and click on it once to highlight it.
3. In the menu above the report list, click on Actions, then Schedule.
4. You will automatically be directed to Instance Title which will populate with the name of your report.
5. Under Recurrence, you can select how often you want the report to run.
6. Prompts: If there are prompts in your report, fill them out here.
7. Formats and Destinations: Output Format and Destination: You must first select what format you want the report delivered in and how you want the report delivered (for example, Webi format to email recipients).
8. Destinations Options and Settings: Un-check Use the Job Server's Defaults to select your email recipients. In order to have the report attached to the email, you will need to check the Add attachment box.
9. Once you have entered the email information and any messages you would like to include, click Schedule at the bottom of the page.

For more information on scheduling reports click here.

Please contact customer support if you need more information or additional assistance.

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