What Is It?

The Amazon Web Services Test Drive provides ETO Admins the opportunity to validate all of your ETO software functionality and performance in a sandbox AWS environment.

When Is It?

From July 24th  until August 1st Canadian ETO Administrators will have login access.

How Do I Log-In?

  • If you usually log into ETO using an email address: Login here: https://aws-secure.etosoftware.ca using your usual email and password.
  • If you usually log into ETO using a non-email login: Enter your database number at the end of this URL to login to the environment: https://aws-secure.etosoftware.ca/NewLogin.aspx?ETO=
  • Make sure to log out of your standard ETO site before logging into the AWS Test Drive. Alternatively, you can use an incognito window for one of the instances.

What Should I Look Out For?

Pay particular attention to any variations in performance or functionality that is not working as intended. Remember that this is a sandbox environment so there will be expected issues with historical data, dashboard reports, etc. that should not be submitted as part of feedback. 

Expected Issues (please do not submit feedback for any of the below):

  • The data in the environment will be old
  • The dashboard reports will be broken
  • Data will not be saved as this is a sandbox environment. Continue to enter day-to-day data in the standard ETO environment.

How Do I Submit Feedback?

We’re making it easy to have your voice heard. No phone calls or email threads necessary. Simply fill out the web form here. In an effort to organize the feedback we receive, this web form is the only way to submit feedback. Please refrain from calling into support with questions or comments related to the AWS Test Drive.

Why Should I Participate?

Glad you asked! We’re excited about the Amazon Web Services migration and hope you are too. The AWS migration will deliver you increased speed, reliability, and the opportunity for more performance improvements in the future. This Test Drive will give you a first class pass to experience and validate the functionality before takeoff.

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