The below universes are recommended to utilize in ETO Results:

  • Participant Universe
  • TouchPoint Universe NEW
  • Entity
  • Standard Enrollment Universe:IdentityDemographicsAddress HistoryPoints of ServiceAssessments
  • Standard Participant Universe:IdentityDemographicsCaseloadCaseload filtersReferralsFamily Information (Including Active Family Filter)
  • Standard Entity Universe
  • Standard Programs Universe
  • Standard Reference Universe
  • Standard Survey Universe
  • Standard Schedule Universe
  • Standard Family Universe
  • Standard ETOAnalyzer Universe
  • Standard Staff Universe
  • Standard Workflow Universe
  • Reference - (Just has structure info, good for reference)

Universe Dimensions are available in a lot of universes for different date types (today, this month, last month, etc.).

In addition to these, you can also use any custom universe created.

For more on ETO Results universes, please click here.

Please contact customer support for more information or additional assistance.

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