1. Open the Navigation Bar
2. Select Reports
3. Select Manage Report Universes
4. Click Build New Universe
5. Select a Subject Area from the drop-down menu

  • Note: Only one subject area can be selected for each universe

6. Click Next
7. Select your Focus Area

  • Multiple focus areas can be chosen (if available)
  • Focus areas provide additional information about selected subject area
  • When a focus area is selected, it appears in the table on the right: “This universe contains the following focus areas.” With an X.

8. Click the check box: “Include Flattened Participant Demographics in this Universe.” (If available) to include participant demographics
9. At the bottom select no more than 20 TouchPoints and/or Collection Types to be included
10. Once all of the focus areas have been selected, click Next
11. Give the universe a Unique Name and Universe Description
12. Optional: Check the box “This universe should be available across the enterprise.” If not checked, the universe will only be available to the current site.
13. Click Save

*Please Note: The more TouchPoints that are added to the universe, the slower the report will run. There is no limit on the amount of Custom Universes that can be created.

For more information on Manage Report Universes, please click here.

If you need more information or additional assistance, please contact customer support.

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