These steps will guide users through the process to generate a HMIS Data Pull. A HMIS Data Pull is an export in the HUD standard CSV format. This process is required to send data to Agency Dash or for reporting as well as in exporting data to a HMIS Repository. Agency Dash reports include, but are not limited to, the APR (Annual Performance Report), PIT, AHAR, and various other data quality reports. 

  1. Select Reports on the navigation bar.
  2. Select Manage HMIS Data Pulls.
  3. Click the Create Data Pull button at the top left.
  4. Enter export parameters:

HUD Version:

  • "2014 (3.04 csv)" for use with legacy reporting in Agency Dash
  • "2014 (5.1 csv)" for use with all reports including the APR, CAPER, System Performance Measures, PIT, and HIC. Uploads to the VA repository or other software usually require 5.1 CSVs.

5. Click the Submit button.

At this point, the Data Pull will be placed in queue and will process based on its position in queue. The user will be free to navigate away from this page while the Data Pull is processing. A check mark will be visible next to the description of the Data Pull when complete.

6. Within the Take Action column, select an option to work with the Data Pull:

  • Open will open the Data Pull within ETO to check the CSVs generated by the process.
  • Download will allow the user to save the CSV exports locally.
  • Reporting will send a 3.04 data pull to Agency Dash for HMIS standard reporting, and you will need to navigate to AgencyDash in your browser; Reporting will send a 5.1 data pull to and provide a link directly to the reporting site
  • Delete will delete the Data Pull from the list.

Click here for more information on 3.04 HMIS Data Pulls.
Click here for more information on 5.1 HMIS Data Pulls.

Please contact if you need more information or additional assistance.

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