When using "Between" with objects from the Custom Dates and Custom Date Ranges folders (with the exception of [Custom Date] and [Any Date]), it acts as "less than," not "less than or equal to." In order to force the inclusion of the full last day, the object has been modified to include one more day. This results in an additional day in the data set. To compensate for this, a formula filter needs to be written to exclude data associated with the extra day. 

  1. Create a new date variable to represent the actual last day of the month.
  • [Actual Last Day of Month]=RelativeDate([Last Month End];-1)

2. Include the variable above in a filtering formula

  • =(If [Date of Contact]Between([Last Month Start];[Actual Last Day of Month]) Then 1 Else 0) In ([Response Unique Identifier])

3. Use this filter on all report tabs within the report

For more information on ETO Results formulas click here.

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