Insights are centered on a single outcome tracked as a numeric or weighted list element on a TouchPoint.  This tool was intended to put the power of data analysis in the hands of those best posed to leverage the information to inform and influence service through at a glance progress/change over time. It is recommended that you create the population you are tracking first via Manage Populations before creating your Insight.

To Create an Insight:

  1. On the site navigation bar, click ETO Insight.
  2. Select Manage Insights.
  3. Click Build ETO Insight.
  4. Name your Insight.
  5. Select the number of Outcomes you wish to graph.
  6. Select the TouchPoint and Element you wish to track.
  7. Select the population you are tracking data for. 
  8. In the Graph Options tab: Select Graph Type -- Select Date Range -- Select how the data should be aggregated on the staff dashboard -- Label your axes -- Check "Allow User Date Range" if you want to allow your users to select the date range in the dashboard part.
  9. Optional: In the Effort to Outcome Analysis tab: Sum All Time Spent - if your TouchPoint has a time spent element and you want to track the data, check this box. Count of All Responses - if you want to display the count of all responses, check the box next to your TouchPoint.
  10. Optional: In the ETO Stats tab select the data you would like to display below the graph by clicking and dragging the statistic to the box on the right. You may choose up to five. 
  11. Optional: In the Program and Site Filters tab select the sites and programs you only want to see data from. 
  12. Optional: In the Other Site Options tab you may add a description of your chart and edit the appearance. 
  13. When you are finished click Save at the bottom of the page.

For more information on ETO Insights, click here.

Please contact customer support if you need more information or additional assistance.

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