1. Click Reports on the Navigation Bar
  2. Select Manage Report Universes
  3. Confirm the name of a Custom Universe that includes flattened demographics.  If you are unsure, click the Edit link to the right of a universe.  Confirm the "Include Flattened Participant Demographics in this universe" box is checked.
  4. Click Manage Report Universes button on the Navigation Bar again.
  5. Click the name of the Custom Universe to launch ETO Results.
  6. Double click desired dimensions to select them as Result Objects for the query.  Include Age and at least one of the Participant Identifiers.
  7. Click the Run Query button.
  8. Once on the Edit Report screen: click the Variable Editor icon (found to the right of the fx formula icon).
  9. Type in the desired Name for the variable, for example "Age Range"
  10. Leave the Qualification set to Dimension
  11. Type a Formula using the following template.  If copying and pasting the formula, it is possible that the quotations marks will need to be deleted and re-typed before the formula will be accepted by the Variable Editor.  
  12. Edit the numbers in the formula to match your reporting requirements
  13. Click OK

= If ([Age] < 6) Then "0-5" ElseIf ([Age] <11) Then "6-10" ElseIf ([Age] <16) Then "11-15" ElseIf ([Age] <21) Then "16-20" ElseIf ([Age] <25) Then "21-25" ElseIf ([Age] <41) Then "26-40" ElseIf ([Age] <66) Then "41-65" ElseIf ([Age] <120) Then "66 and older" ElseIf(IsNull([Age])) Then "Unspecified"

Click here for more information on Creating Variables.

Please contact Customer Support if you require additional assistance.

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