Why does the ETO Results link take me to a different place now?


As a part of the upgrade to Business Objects 4.2, the ETO Results link under the Reports header on the Navigation Bar in ETO software will now direct users to a different location.  Previously this link took users to the list of available universes and clicking on a universe would launch a new window with a new report query built on the selected universe.  Now, the link will take users to one of two difference locations depending on whether or not the enterprise has received the ETO Results upgrade.  For users still utilizing Business Objects 3.1, the link will open the Enterprise Manager dashboard, with links to Report Folder and Create New Report.  Click on Create New Report to retrieve the list of universes and open a new report.  For users that have received the ETO Results upgrade, the link will open the first page in the process of creating a new report - called "Create Report Quick Link".  Click the new page icon or press Control + N to open the "Create a document" dialog box and then select Universe and click OK to open the list of available universes.  

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