An Apricot Administrator user can restrict the access a Standard user has to certain forms (see related article: Form), records (see related article: Record), reports (see related article: Building Reports) and bulletins (see related article: Bulletins-Definition).

Access to forms, reports and bulletins is managed through the creation of programs and permission sets. This allows an Administrator to allow or restrict access to some or all of the records that have been created of a certain form, for example. Prior to Apricot release 6.8 this functionality was referred to as "Group Record Level Access" or Group RLA.

Create a New Program

1. Open the Administrator tab.

2. Select User/Program Profiles in the left hand menu.

3. Select Programs in the right hand menu.

4. Select New Programs.

1. Name your program.

2. Save record.

3. View folder.


Create a New Permission Set

1. To the right of permission sets, hover over Actions.

2. Select "Create New."

1. Name your permission set. Each permission set will outline very specific kinds of access. A program may need to have more than one permission set.

2. Under Assigned Users, select "Add." This is where you will find and add the users who will be governed by the specific permission set you are creating.

3. If you have a lot of users, it may be helpful to add a search field by selecting from the drop down menu.

4. Select the user or users you would like to add to this permission set.

5. Close the pop up window.

Assigning Records to a Program from the Record Search

Once you have created a program and a permission set, you will need to assign existing records to the correct program. The users will not be able to access any of the records until they have been assigned. To update this from the search:

1. Click the My Apricot tab.

2. On the left hand menu, select the form you would like to use.

3. Expand the black arrow to select a search field. Your goal at this point is to narrow down your search results to exactly the records you would like to assign - so searching for a specific name might be a good idea.

1. When you have narrowed your search results so that the page only shows those records you want to assign,

2. Select Program Access.


1. Select the program(s) to which you would like these record(s) to be assigned.

2. Owner: This field will establish access restrictions based on the feature User Record Level Access. If you do not use this level of access restriction, you can ignore this field. To find out more, take a look at our article on User Record Level Access (User RLA)

3. Click Add

4. Click Apply.

Assigning Records to a Program for specific records

To update Program access for an individual record, this can be done from the record itself:

1. Open the record that needs to be updated and click the Program Access button in the 'Assigned Programs' menu on the right.

2. From the Assigned Program popup window, add or remove Programs as needed. 

3. Click Apply and save the record.


Testing Program Access

  1. To test whether or not your program is configured correctly, Click "All Programs".

2. Select the program you assigned the records to.

1. Now you are viewing your Apricot as a user who belongs to this program.

2. If your program is configured correctly, no matter what records you search for, you will only ever be able to find/see those records that were assigned to this particular program.

You can click the programs dropdown and select Administrators to return to your normal view once you have made sure your records were assigned correctly.


Tips and Tricks

If you are managing several programs within your Apricot database, it can be useful to create categories in reports, bulletins, and/or shared files that copy the names and access for each program.

For example, if you are creating a counseling program, it may be useful to put all the reports pertaining to the counseling program in a report category called "Counseling." And to create specific counseling bulletins under a bulletins category called "Counseling." If you create this framework, then when you assign report and bulletins to your counseling program, you can do it all at once by assigning them access to the counseling category.


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