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#FAQ Before reporting a problem in ETO, follow these easy steps to make sure your system is configured and ready to use ETO softwar

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First, make sure you are using Internet Explorer and not Microsoft Edge. ETO is only fully supported in Internet Explorer 11.

Steps to Check and Update your Browser Settings:

  1. On the Internet Explorer (IE) browser menu, click on Help and then click on About Internet Explorer.
    If you do not see the browser menu, hit Alt on your keyboard to show it.

You will get a pop-up. Make you you are only using Internet Explorer versions 10 or 11.

2. On the IE browser menu, click on Tools and then click on Internet Options.
You can also access Internet Options through the gear icon in the top right corner of the web page.

3. On the first Page "General", you can add a homepage of and turn on the "Delete browsing history on exit".
Australian, Canadian, and Public sectors may have different log-on URLs.

4. Click Settings on this General tab and choose "Settings". Set the "Check for newer versions of stored pages" to "Every time I visit the web-page".

5. Exit the smallest pop-up. Then navigate to the second tab, "Security". Here you will click "Trusted Sites" then "Sites"

6. Add the trusted site below.
Check your etosoftware URL; Canadian, Australian, and Public sector have slightly different sites.

.COM Users:
https://* (Only necessary for HMIS users)

Canadian Users:

Australian Users:

Public Sector Users (ARMS/Monster)

7. Close the smallest window. Navigate to the third tab "Privacy" and turn off the Pop-Up Blocker. The box should not be checked.

8. Close all the "Internet Option" tabs. Open "Tools" again and click "Compatibility View settings" Ensure that there are NOT ETO sites listed in this section and the bottom two options are UN-SELECTED.

9. Close all tabs of Internet Explorer. Restart Internet Explorer. Changes will not apply until the browser is restarted.

If you are using a Mac, you'll need to download a Google Chrome extension called IE Tab.

  1. In Google Chrome, do a search for 'IE Tab'. Click on the second Google result.

2. Click 'Add to Chrome'

3. In the dialogue box, click 'Add Extension'.
4. When prompted, create an account, and the select Internet Explorer 11.
5. Hit 'Go'.
6. There will now be an IE Tab extension icon in your Chrome browser.

7. Once you click on the icon, you can type the ETO URL into the address bar:

You can now access ETO via 'Internet Explorer' on your Mac!

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