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ETO Login Steps

Step 1: Make sure you are logging in to the proper URL address to begin.

Step 2: Make sure to use your full email address

It is important to use your full email address when logging in to ETO.

If you use an incomplete email address, you will see an error that says "We've recently upgraded our login page." If this occurs, go back to the original login page and re-enter your full email address.

Step 3: Enter your password

If you cannot remember your password, select "Forgot password". Some organizations set a limit to the number of attempts to login to ETO. Your account could become locked if you attempt too many time.

Step 4: Login!

You should be taken in to ETO or prompted to select the correct site before login.

Locked, Disabled, and Other Login Errors

Locked and Disabled accounts - Only ETO admins can unlock or disabled an account. Pleas contact your organizations IT or ETO Admin to regain entry to ETO. If an admin is locked out, please contact .

Other Errors? Email out support team at and describe the error you are seeing.

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