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If you are experiencing login issues we recommend resetting your Penelope password.

  1. Navigate to your Penelope login page

  2. Choose "Reset Account Password"

  3. Type in your Username

  4. Check your email for the Penelope Password Reset email with the verification pin

    • Check spam and junk folders for an email with subject line, "Penelope password reset"

  5. Verify the login page with the PIN from the Penelope Password Reset email

  6. Answer any security questions

  7. Type in a new password

If you continue to experience login issues we recommend trying to login in a different browser, in an incognito session, and/or after clearing your browsers cache.

We also recommend reaching out to your Penelope administrator who can manually reset the password.

If you are still unable to login, please email our support team at with the below information:

  1. The steps you have taken

  2. The errors you are encountering

  3. The Penelope UR where you are trying to login

  4. Any screenshots or error messages details

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