ETO Alerts is an add on feature that will allow users to set up in-system notifications for themselves, internal staff, or entities to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks in their busy worlds.


Helps Staff Stay on Track

  • Upcoming and overdue tasks are proactively sent to users as well as entities via dashboards and/or email to ensure key deadlines are hit.

Saves Time

  • Each alert can be customized to include relevant information about the participant or entity as well as links to the next task, creating a streamlined process and saving time for end users. 

Keeps Users and Entities Informed

  • Conditional triggers allow users to stay up to date on important information including participants' progress and activity. Notifications, including customized emails, can be set up to automatically trigger when key actions are performed, such as new form responses, referrals, or workflows.

If you are interested in purchasing ETO Alerts or would like more information, please reach out to your Account Manager or email the Account Management team at

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