The following fields are required:

  • Participant/Entity Identifier
  • First Name/Last Name OR Entity Name
  • Site Name
  • Program Name (the program where the data will be uploaded - if this is not included the data will be attached to the program where the upload is completed)
  • Response Date
  • Update or Insert
  • To insert a new TouchPoint response, use "I" in the Update or Insert column
  • To update an existing TouchPoint response, use "U" in the Update or Insert column. The Response ID is required in order to complete this action. To find the Response ID, a report must be built in ETO Results. The Response ID is located in the TouchPoint folder.
  • Response ID - If updating previously recorded TouchPoint responses
  • Any TouchPoint questions marked as required in ETO

File Name Requirements:

  • Do not use periods or apostrophes in the name of your file. For example: "Program.Upload.July.xls" will not work, spaces ( ) underscores (_) or dashes (-) are acceptable.
  • File names must be 27 characters or less.

Click here for more information on TouchPoint Response Batch Upload.

Please contact customer support if you need more information or additional assistance.

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