AFF's grant module (see article: Grant) manages the workflow around several key forms (see article: Required AFF Forms). These forms can be turned on or turned off during specific time periods in a particular funding cycle. Forms that are turned on will be accessible for users to create, edit, and complete.

Some grants are restricted and agencies must be invited to apply. After an agency completes an Applicant Profile record (see article: Form Applicant Profile), the Funder (see article: User Funder) will complete a Grant Invitation record to indicate that the agency is allowed to apply for funding under this particular grant. In this case, the Applicant Profile record is like a letter of interest.

The Grant Invitation form is a Tier 2 Form that lives under the Applicant Profile Tier 1 form.

Creating a New Grant Invitation

1. When creating a new Grant Invitation form, click the top gear to access the form properties window.

2. Under "Apricot for Funders Form Type," select Grant Invitation.

3. Apply.

Add a Grant Invitation Field

Because the Grant Invitation records are created at a particular point in a grant funding cycle, it must contain specific fields before the AFF database will allow it to be published.

When creating a Grant Invitation form, include the Grant Invitation field and, optionally, an Email Trigger to send out a notification to an agency that they have been invited to apply to the designated grant.

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