This article provides the steps to give users access to additional sites and programs within an enterprise after their account has been created. These steps can also be used to grant users access to new sites or programs added to the enterprise.

To Grant Users Site/Program Access:

  1. Expand the Navigation Bar 
  2. Click Site Administration 
  3. Select Manage User Accounts 
  4. Click Edit on the Account of choice 
  5. Scroll down to the second half of the page 
  6. Site/Program Access Tab should be selected 
  7.  To give an Account Access to a Site/Program, select the Site from the Drop-Down 
  8. Select the Role to give the User in that Site
  9. Select the User Type from the Drop-Down Box (Optional) [This list can be managed via Staff Types under Manage Feeder Tables]
  10. Check the box(es) associated with the Program(s) the user should have access to 
  11. Select a Default Program from the Drop-Down 
  12. Repeat Steps 5-11 to give the User Access to other Sites/Programs
  13. Click Save

Click here for more information on Manage User Accounts.

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