What is a Grant?

In AFF, we use the term "grant" to talk about any cyclical funding process. It could be an annual grant, a scholarship, or something else where funds are applied for and distributed on a set schedule.

Parts of a Grant

An AFF Grant can have several working parts:

  1. An invitation to apply, sent to outside organizations or individuals.
  2. An application for funding to be filled out by an outside organization or individual.
  3. A reviewer application, where outside members of the community or experts in a field can sign up to review funding applications.

The Grant Tool

AFF uses a specially configured feature called the Grant Tool to manage each part of the grant funding process - when outside organizations or reviewers have access to forms/data collection for each step in the process, what information is collected at different points in the process, and how key persons are kept informed of deadlines and/or submissions of required data/information.

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