1. Expand Navigation Bar, if applicable 
  2. Click Referrals 
  3. Click View/Edit Referrals 
  4. Search for a Participant 
  • You must enter at least two letters to search 
  • To include all participants in the site (not just in your current program), check the associated box 
  • To include dismissed participants, check the associated box 
  • To include retracted referrals in the results, check the associated box 

5. Click on the toggle (+/-) next to Participant's name.

6. Take Actions options appear

  • Eye: View read-only version of the steps taken to make the referral 
  • Pencil: To edit the referral using the same process used when making the referral (If the referral is rejected by the receiving program, you will no longer be able to edit the referral. The form will need to be changed back to pending in order for it to be editable again)
  • Arrow: Redirects the referral to another program or entity; clicking this icon will take you to the Provider Search step of the referral process, allowing you to select a new provider.
  • Graph: Launch the Referral Face Sheet report 
  • Trashcan: Delete the referral 
  • X: Retract the referral. You will be asked to confirm and provide a Reason for Retraction. If the participant was dismissed from their program during the referral and the referral is retracted, the dismissal will be reversed.

7. Click the Toggle (+/-) Next to the Date of Referral to Expand Details of Referral

Referral Status: If the referral is to an entity, this is set by the user. For referrals to programs:

  • Pending: if the program has not yet made a decision on the referral 
  • Rejected: if the program has rejected the referral
  • Accepted: if the program has accepted the referral
  • Retracted: if the sending program recalled the referral before the receiving program took action
  • Reason for Rejection: the reason why the program rejected the referral (from the Reasons for Dismissal feeder table)
  • Reason for Retraction: The reason why the sending program recalled the referral before the receiving provider took action on it (from the Reasons for Retraction feeder table)
  • Referral Type: the Referral Form used to make the referral
  • Dismissal Date: the date the participant was dismissed from the referring program
  • Reason for Dismissal: the reason the referring program dismissed the participant (from the Reasons for Dismissal feeder table)
  • Redirected to Provider: if the referral was redirected to a different program/entity, the name of that provider is here
  • Approval Status: if the referral is using the approval functionality, the status can be pending, rejected, or approved
  • Projected Start Date: the date the user wants the participant to start in the program to which they are referred
  • Was Referral Redirected: Yes or No. If yes, Redirected to Provider will be filled out
  • Services Needed: boxes checked off during the referral process if the referral form was set to ask for them (from the Services Provided feeder table)

For more information on View/Edit Referrals, click here.

Please contact customer support if you need more information or additional assistance. 

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