AFF's grant tool manages access to key forms within the database. Several forms designated as specific types of AFF-compatible forms are required in order for the grant tool to operate.

Applicant Profile Form

Each applicant or applying agency fills out this Tier 1 form at the time of their initial funding request. This form is designed to collect general information that will be applicable to the entire agency over multiple years and/or multiple grant applications.

Application Intake Form

A grant/funding application is called an application intake form. Each applicant fills out one of these Tier 1 forms each time they apply for funding.

Review Scorecard Form

A review scorecard is a Tier 2 form that is completed by a reviewer once an application for funding has been submitted.

Choosing an AFF Form Type

1. To designate a new or existing form as an AFF-specific form, open the form for editing and open the top gear box.

2. Under Apricot for Funders Form Type, select the appropriate type of form. AFF Tier 1 form types are the only options available if you are creating or editing a Tier 1 form. AFF Tier 2 form types will be available when you are creating or editing a Tier 2 form.

3. Select Apply.

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