With the new 2016.9 Release, you are now able to edit list choice questions individually without using conditional rules.The ability to disable question options in the List Element in TouchPoints works for both list types: Pick One (one answer only and Check All That Apply (multiple answers). It also works for all Answer Format options: Display Choices as Radio Buttons (1 column), Display Choices as Radio Buttons (2 columns) and Display Choices in a Drop-Down Menu.

  1. Open the Navigation Bar
  2. Click on Site Administration
  3. Select Manage TouchPoints
  4. Find the TouchPoint with the List Choice Question to be Edited  
  5. Select Edit Next to the TouchPoint
  6. Find the Question to be Edited
  7. Click Edit Question
  8. Select Edit Question from the Drop-Down
  9. Next to the Question Option to be Disabled, Click the Check Box Under Disabled
  10. Click Save

For more information on the 2016.9 Release, please click here.
If you need more information or additional assistance, please contact customer support.

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