With the new 2016.9 Release, users are now able to save their progress when recording a TouchPoint to avoid losing their data due to time out errors.
When saving a TouchPoint using "Save Progress," the TouchPoint will be marked as (Draft) under status when reviewing the participant's TouchPoints to indicate it hasn't been completed. 

  1. Open the Navigation Bar 
  2. Click on Site Administration 
  3. Select Manage TouchPoints 
  4. Find the TouchPoint where "Save Progress" should be enabled. 
  5. Select Edit next to the TouchPoint 
  6. Click Edit TouchPoint Settings 
  7. Check the box: "Save As Draft: Allow a user to save as Draft when recording the TouchPoint."
  8. 8. Click Save 

For more information on the 2016.9 Release, please click here.

If you need more information or additional assistance please contact customer support.

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